Microwave repair

You want to warm up the lunch but the buttons are not responding or the microwave is not heating. Not a problem for us! Just contact us and schedule an appointment. 

You might think microwave is not worth the repair but in reality it might be something small as a burnt fuse and it is better to get it fixed rather than buying new one. Most of the time people forget to cover the food and put it into microwave as it is and the oil from the food will spread inside which will damage the inner body of your microwave.

The microwave, or microwave oven, is one of the most used appliances in any home. Being able to quickly heat up water or food is a tremendous time saver and when the microwave is not working, it can be detrimental if you have no other means of heating food or liquids. Our team can diagnose and repair problems with any microwaves.

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